"Waking up to you these past few mornings- I’ve missed feeling like this." | 3.18

Revenge: Season 4


I won’t be very active for a day or two because i’ve only just got back home and there is so much to catch up on, but i cannot wait to post more especially on behalf of the redsharpienetwork! I know it’s late but thanks for choosing me as a member guys! emily—thorne hamptonsresident-sociopath 


attractive people meme: [2/5] blondes

Victoria Grayson | quotes

Emily Thorne ♦ Season 2 



// Totally curious about the new love interest of Emily’s. Kinda cute, but still. An attractive face isn’t going to help the plot. Idek anymore tbh, the season finale was a 50/50 thing for me. :/


My friends are important to me. Maybe if you were nicer to yours you’d still have some


"i will tell you that all of us in the writer’s room have read a lot of rumours about the direction of season 4 online. it’s amusing how wrong they all are."

basically- don’t believe anything you read about season 4 online.

(this is taken from an interview with ted sullivan about revenge: the secret origin of emily thorne.)

Can I just say honestly everyone needs to stop jumping to conclusions and saying that it’s “a tiny aspect of the show”.

If this whole thing was true then no it would not be because it would change the entire perspective (of a story we have some to love) and how we as viewers will understand Emily’s actions in Victoria’s eyes. Undoubtedly whether or not we would still root for her or not.

I guess I’ll be branded as a non-fan now because personally I think Emily narrating has been fine for the past three seasons. 

I think it would change not the show’s purpose but how they manipulate the story to encompass a different perspective. 

IF this is TRUE, which it probably isn’t judging from Ted’s statement, this one’s for the cynical ‘fans’. 

"When on a mission of revenge, one must maintain total control over risks, emotions and one’s enemies. The single greatest threat to success is losing control of your allies." Revenge - Season 3

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