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Revenge S3 Bloopers Part IV : You’re supposed to be a ninja! 

Let me be direct.


You always have that one follower who attacks your notifications in the middle of the night and goes through your blog, reblogging everything in sight.

And you’re just like:

Revenge S 3 Bloopers III

Revenge S 3 Bloopers Part II

Revenge S 3 Bloopers Part I

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What’s your name? Fiona

What’s your URL? hamptonsresident-sociopath

What’s your blog name? queen of sass

Where are you from? Australia

Have a crush? More than I can count (celebrites though)

What’s your favorite color? Specifically wineberry or antique fuchsia 

Write something in all caps: BOOOOO!

Got a favorite band/singer? Exo <3

Favorite number? 11

Favorite drink: Chocolate milk :)

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Well this was my first ever attempt at digital painting so, what do you guys think?

Emily VanCamp: ALS Ice Bucket Challenge [x].

Revenge Season 3: Bloopers FULL VERSION

Revenge S 3 Bloopers. 

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