Nolan Ross is precious and must be protected at all costs

Considering what you are trying to pull off at this wedding. Having a plan B couldn’t hurt.

Gabriel Mann for GQ Thailand (August 2014) [1/2]

Nolan Ross in 4.01 Renaissance

the shadows around me are darker than you know
inspired by [x]

"The greatest weapon anyone can use against us is our own mind.” - Emily Thorne

Personal Update

I’m sorry I haven’t been on here lately, it’s just a few things that have popped up and I haven’t had the motivation or time to be making edits or gifs.

At the moment high school is ending and I’m going to be graduating next week. So there’s a lot of prep right now. Emotionally and academically. After that it’s study study and more study until November for the final exams that kind of determine the rest of your life (as they say). So now’s not the right time to be messing about on photoshop.

I’m going to be much more free in November to March until I start university!

So that’s a little update on what’s been going on right now, and I’m just putting it out there that I’m going on a hiatus for now. I’m going to miss everyone and I hope I’ll be back after my exams.

Thanks for bearing with me :) - Fiona

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Emily’s Revenge



yes it’s that time again, my s e c o n d follow forever ((thanks to kingsbellamy for the amazing graphic)) and since it’s the end of summer and school is starting tomorrow,(CRIES) i decided to do this again woo.


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now for the people i’ll follow forever

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and finally thank you to ALL MY FOLLOWERS. y’all make me smile everytime you follow me ily

Revenge Appreciation Week:
↪ Day Two: Favorite Episode - Impetus (3.21)

shy little thing, aren’t you?
Revenge sketch | Amanda + introductions

i was tagged by revengenda

fill in the blanks and tag six people


Name: fiona

Birthday: may 3rd

Favorite color: pantone 226 (gettin’ real specific ayye)

Talents: being a professional tumblrer (don’t judge me), staying up late to play cards against humanity (yeah you’re totally judging me now lol), oh yeah fangirling over people that have no clue i exist…

Last dream you remember: i went to school and failed my maths test (yeah that freaked me out so much!)

Art/sports/both: both :)

Do you like writing: yeh

Do you like dancing: maybe when i’m by myself and no one can see yes yes i do

Do you like singing: yes of course (i’m not good at it tho)


Dream vacation: LA, maldives, and south korea!

Dream guy/gal: overall good person, who can understand me and accept me, has to be somewhat aesthetically pleasing… -_-

Dream wedding: i don’t know really, a nice simple one in an exotic location?

Dream pet: a panda called tao please???

Dream job: biomed engineer

Favorite song: missing you - GD ft. Kim Yuna (i think that’s her name?)

Least favorite song: anaconda (ughhghhghg, what even? I’m a hardcore feminist and just nooo)

Least favorite album: the frozen soundtrack (which is getting on my nerves)

Least favorite artist: miley cyrus /:


Guys/girls/both: guys 

Hair colour: black

Eye colour: dark brown

Humorous/serious: humorous (cause I’m serious most of the time, need some balance)

Biggest turn-off: egocentric people who think they’re better than others just because they’re outspoken or extroverted

Biggest turn-on: korean guys (esp models and nam taehyun *drools*), nice hair :3

i tag:

YOU, don’t you dare scroll past this! i know you read through this and you’re judging me hard and giving me that look, yes that look. So go and fill this out and tag me so i can judge you and give you that look too. go on!

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